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Retired Adults

Cats that have contributed to our PureX family and lineage.

Placed in loving homes, they will always have  piece of our hearts. 

Megarex Talulah Myst | PuRex Devon Rex


GP Megarex Talulah Myst Of PureX

Born Dec 2012 - Black Smoke

CMS and PKD negative, "B" blood type

Talulah was an excellent mom, and you can see her babies and grand babies in some of the top catteries in north america. We have to thank both Jen Stanford of Megarex and Dolly Chamness of Curlydolls for letting us care for this incredible, and sweet attention hog! She is spayed and we show her in premiership classes because even now as a senior she really seems to enjoy the spotlight! Lulah now lives full time with our good friend Taylor in Winnipeg.

something caught Bindi's eye


PureX Bindi Lou Who

Born Sept 2019 Chocolate Patched Tortie and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "B" Blood Type

Bindi, as she is aptly named is the keeper from the Brick and Annie pairing. Waiting excitedly to see how she develops and excited to have her low molting kitten coat in our lines. Bindi has raised two wonderful litters and will be headed to her retirement home with Kathy in late January 2022!

Eden after a bath


PureX Heaven Sent

Born August 2020 Lavender Mackeral Tabby

CMS and PKD Negative, A Blood Type

Eden is our keeper kitten from Violet and Jet! Due to COVID-19 we are unsure what her show career will look like, but are hoping to see some show halls in 2021!

Eden will be retired and headed to her forever home (to live with her actual litter sister!) in late Jan 2022. 

Candy relaxing after a show


CH PureX Candy Crush

Born March 2018- Chocolate Mink and White

CMS and PKD Negative, B Blood Type

Candy is our home grown chocolate mink lady! A Sassy and sweet little girl. She has grown into a laid back Devon and is now looking for her loving retirement home. She now resides with Dan and his family in Winnipeg.



CH WindingWay Winni-Peg Jet of PureX

Born March 2019- White

CMS and PKD Negative, "A" blood type.

Jet is our up and coming male. He comes from a wonderful breeder and friend, Elaine of Windingway. His mom Peg has done extremely well in the show ring and his half siblings have as well. We can't wait for this special boy to get his turn!

Megarex Call Me Maybe | PuRex Devon Rex

Megarex Call Me Maybe of PureX

Born April 2016- Tortoiseshell

CMS and PKD Negative, "B" blood type.


Carly gave us some spectacular babies, and even though she won regional awards as a kitten she decided that a home life with a loving family and kids was more her speed instead of the show hall. Carly now resides with Robynn and family is Saskatchewan.




PureX My Fair Lady

Born July 2019 Chocolate Tortie and white

CMS and PKD Negative, B Blood Type

Eliza is our keeper kitten from the New York litter pairing of Brick and Candy. Due to COVID-19 we were not able to show her and so decided to place her in her patiently waiting forever home with Debbie A in Manitoba.

Violet staring you down


Megarex Violet Chachkitty of PureX

Born November 2018- Lavender Tortie

CMS and PKD Negative, A blood type


Violet is a stunning and sweet tortie from Megarex in New Jersey. She has some impressive cats in her lineage and we are very excited to have her!

She has been a wonderful mother to some beautiful kittens and we are excited to see what they get up to in their new show homes. As of December 2020, Violet will be in her loving retirement home with a devon sibling and Heather and family of Manitoba.

Annie basking in the sun


CH Nu-Moon Andromeda of PureX

Born May 2017- Lavender Lynx Point

CMS and PKD Negative, A blood type


Annie was a wonderful mother and has now been retired. Annie comes to us from Tina at Nu-moon and her parentage is from multi-time National award winning Jobara Devon Rex and a beautiful European line "Funny Elf". We are overjoyed to have this exceptionally affectionate girl! She is also Talulah's great granddaughter! Annie now resides with her loving family in Manitoba. 

Tx-Elfkatz Yellow Brick RD of PuRex



Tx-Elfkatz Yellow Brick Rd Of PureX

Born Sept 2016- Red and White

CMS and PKD Negative, "A" blood type.

Brick is our recently retired male. Hes been a delight to own and show and we are looking forward to showing him in Premiership/Alter classes. Brick now lives with Jordan in Winnipeg.



Raynewoods Fuzzasaurus Rex 

Born March 2016- Chocolate Mink mackerel tabby and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "B" blood type.

Fuzz was one of our foundation males. What he lacked in profile he more than made up in coat and personality! He gave us beauties like Gypsy(at Raynewood) and Candy. Fuzz now lives with members of our family in Toronto.

Clara gazing out the window


SilverMark Imposible Girl of PureX

Born May 2016- Silver Tabby

Clara was our American Shorthair female and mom to our outcross Dragons litter with Brick. She is Panda's grandmother and retired back to her motherland of Minneapolis Minnesota!

Draco looking handsome


PureX Imagine Dragons

Born April 2018- Silver Tabby and White Male

CMS and PKD Negative, "A" blood type

Draco is our F1 Devon outcross between Clara and Brick. He gave us 3 wonderful outcross kittens, Panda who you can read about on our "Females" page, Poet who is one of the studs at Permarex Devon Rex in the USA and Echo who is loved by Raynewood Devon Rex in the USA. Draco now spends his time being spoiled by his new dad Peng in Winnipeg.

Deku and his wooly coat


PureX One For All

Born Sep 2020 "B" Blood type

Fourth generation PureX cat, makes this little guy, a very special boy indeed. A sweet boy, born a singleton to Eliza, he was lucky to have half siblings to grow up with and knows how to properly socialise with other cats. We decided as hard as it was to remove him from our breeding program before he had the chance to have kittens. While healthy, his coat quality wasn't up to our standards. He has found a perfect home with Tracy in BC.

Hershey wishing you a happy holiday


Raynewood Hershey's Kiss of PureX

Born May 2019- Chocolate and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "B" blood type.

Hershey is our grand kitten. His mom is Gypsy, who is out of Carly and Fuzz. He gave us some incredibly sweet kittens. He loves dogs and is a laid back man, just like his gramps. He's made himself at home with Erin and family in Winnipeg

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