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Devon Heaven



Every 18-24 months or so, there is a gathering like no other. 'Devon Heaven' is held at a CFA sanctioned show somewhere in North America.


Devon fanciers, exhibitors/breeders come from all across the continent to host the largest gathering of our curly pixie cats.

DRBC Devon Heaven 2017

(Photo copyright and courtesy of Carolyn Jimenez- 2017. Used with permission.)

Ribbons our cats won at the Devon Heaven show in 2015

DRBC Devon Heaven 2015

This grouping of breeders from across the land is such a gift! It allows us to compare notes, get to know each other better and develop a better and healthier breed as a result. It also allows us to compare to the best Devons in The US and Canada, and see what we can each improve. 

We have been fortunate enough to attend two of these congresses since 2015. One in Parma, Ohio in October 2015, and another in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February 2017. We had the distinguished honor of having traveled the farthest! A whopping 22 hours each way. Even with the stiffest possible competition, our girl Lulah(Megarex Talulah Myst) still managed to final! 

In 2015, we had the tremendous compliment of also having our peers vote for best Devon in Premiership! Our cat Talulah also became a one show Grand Champion that weekend! In 2017, we were up against the highest pointed Devons of the year(in all of the US and Canada), and still managed to final, securing 3rd Best Devon in Premiership. Not too shabby!

After many years of delays, and after COVID, in the fall of 2023 there was a hooting and hollering Devon Heaven held in Texas. Though we sent goodies for the other attendees(fun Devon Rex pendants or broaches), and registered for the show and banquet early on, we were unable to attend as it coincided with our last professional designation exam. 



We look forward to the next one!

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