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Our Females


Duckie the Devon Rex posing for the camera with curls galore

GC Raynewood Duck Duck Goose of PureX

Duckie's Optimal Selection DNA Results

Born April 2021 Seal Silver Patched Mink Tabby and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "A" Blood Type(carries B)

Duckie is both our grandbaby and our great grandbaby(on opposite sides and unrelated cats)! Our foundation cats Carly and Fuzz had Gypsy, who had Bones, who had Duckie! She is such a loving well balanced gal! Duckie finished her Grand Champion title before she even turned 1 year old. She is an absolute treasure and is ready to help create the next generation of wonderful cats.



PureX Ruby Tuesday

Optimal Selection Results Pending!

Born Dec 2023 Seal Silver Mink Classic Tabby

Ruby is our keeper kitten from Duckie and Billy. We look forward to watching her mature. Her first show will be in late April 2024! Her eyes will also develop into a similar Aqua colour like her moms and her markings, like all thermal patterned cats will get darker as she matures into an adult. 

Lotus the white devon rex kitten


CH Kleora Lotus Blossom of PureX

Lotus' Optimal Selection DNA results

Born August 2022 White

CMS and PKD Negative "A" blood type

Lotus is our incredible white Devon. Lotus is from Kleora cattery, who had the best Devon in CFA in 2021 and a product of a few wonderful lines. Lotus and Raven made the trip from Utah by plane (with a courier) in the very beginning of December. Quite the climate difference for these two gals! She has grown into a beautiful cat and a loving mother who loves to show. 2024 will be her year!


Raven the black devon rex kitten

NuMoon's Nevermore of PureX

Raven's Optimal Selection DNA results

Born September 2022 Black

CMS and PKD Negative "A" Blood type(carries B)

Raven is from the last litter of our boy Thunder who went to live in Utah a few years ago. This means she is only one generation from our foundation pair of Carly and Fuzz! Watch for her and her buddy Lotus at shows this December and January!

You might be curious about her DNA results! The most succinct way to explain it is that this particular genetic marker(Factor XII deficiency) is relatively new to the Wisdom panel screening. Which means any cats tested prior to a couple of years ago(around 2020) will not show a marker even if they have one. Factor XII deficiency, also known as Hageman deficiency, is the most common congenital coagulopathy among cats. Although common among bleeding disorders, this condition is asymptomatic(meaning no symptoms), 


As you will read below there is even thoughts it can have protective effects in some situations, and at this time is just a marker to note!

Some handy articles/research about it for anyone who might be curious:

National Library of Medicine study 

Science Direct


Vet Lexicon article



Meikai Luck Be A Lady of PureX

Optimal Selection Results Pending!

Born Jan 2024 Chocolate Silver Patched Lynx Point

Lady is the daughter of our boy PureX When Skies are Grey. We are delighted to have that line back. Can't WAIT to see her mature. She is chatty and very expressive. She has lots of BIG feelings and likes to tell me all about them. Doug(her breeder) has been involved in Devons/Devon Rex Breed Club/CFA/The Cat Fancy closing in on 40 years. We couldn't be more tickled to have a little bit of that legacy.  

Duckie the Devon Rex and friend Truly at a cat show


CH Enchantwoods True Love of PureX

Truly's Optimal Selection DNA results

Born October 2021 Brown Patched Tabby and White

PKD Negative

You may have correctly noticed that Truly is not a Devon. Rather, she is an honorary Devon. Recently, we retired Lulah from the active show ring(she deserved it at 9.5 years old!). Truly was our new cat for premiership and the intention is to keep her permanently. However, she has shown that while she is an excellent example of an exotic, and loves attention and pets, she doesn't love the hustle and bustle of being picked up and moved from ring to ring. So she has decided to be a beloved lap cat. We are very grateful to her breeder for allowing us to bring her home. Her and I have a very strong bond, and though she's not a Devon, she has certainly stolen my heart. 

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