Our Females


PureX Bindi Lou Who

Born Sept 2019 Chocolate Patched Tortie and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "B" Blood Type

Bindi, as she is aptly named is the keeper from the Brick and Annie pairing. Waiting excitedly to see how she develops and excited to have her low molting kitten coat in our lines. 



PureX Heaven Sent

Born August 2020 Lavender Mackeral Tabby

CMS and PKD Negative, A Blood Type

Eden is our keeper kitten from Violet and Jet! Due to COVID-19 we are unsure what her show career will look like, but are hoping to see some show halls in 2021!



PureX Pandemonium

Born Dec 2019 Silver Classic Tabby and White

CMS and PKD Negative, A(carrying B) Blood Type

Panda is a sweet and dainty girl. She is the current product of our outcross program and is an F2 Devon Rex.