Our Females


Raynewood Duck Duck Goose of PureX

Duckie's Wisdom Panel DNA Results

Born April 2021 Seal Silver Patched Mink McTabby and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "A" Blood Type(carries B)

Duckie is our great grandbaby! Carly and Fuzz had Gypsy, who had Bones, who had Duckie! Our friend Kristen at Raynewood is a true gem, and since Duckie will be among their last kittens for a while we couldnt pass up the opportunity for such a loving well balance baby to join our fold! As always crossing our fingers that COVID restrictions are safe to relax and that the border opens so that we can attend shows again in the near future. 



PureX Pandemonium

Panda's Wisdom Panel DNA Results

Born Dec 2019 Silver Classic Tabby and White

CMS and PKD Negative, A(carrying B) Blood Type

Panda is a sweet and dainty girl. She is the current product of our outcross program and is an F2 Devon Rex.