Our Females



GC Raynewood Duck Duck Goose of PureX

Duckie's Wisdom Panel DNA Results

Born April 2021 Seal Silver Patched Mink Tabby and white

CMS and PKD Negative, "A" Blood Type(carries B)

Duckie is both our grandbaby and our great grandbaby(on opposite sides and unrelated cats)! Our foundation cats Carly and Fuzz had Gypsy, who had Bones, who had Duckie! Our friend Kristen at Raynewood is a true gem, and since Duckie will be among their last kittens for a while we couldn't pass up the opportunity for such a loving well balance baby to join our fold! Duckie finished her Grand Champion title before she even turned 1 year old. She is an absolute treasure



Enchantwoods True Love of PureX

Born October 2021 Brown Patched Tabby and White

PKD Negative

You may have correctly noticed that Truly is not a Devon. Rather, she is an honorary Devon. Recently, we retired Lulah from the active show ring(she deserved it at 9.5 years old!). Truly is our new cat for premiership and the intention is to keep her permenantly. Along with Billy and Duckie. We are very grateful to her breeder for allowing us to bring her home. We have a lot to learn when it comes to grooming a kitty with a lot more hair than we are used to!