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Helpful links in your search for a perfect kitten or cat.

There are copious amounts of "breeders" out there, and it can be hard to see past cute pictures and pretty websites.

Harder still to know a breeders history, reputation, or actual experience with the breed.

So if you are looking for a solid reference....

This is an exclusive list of breeders we trust and endorse in both Canada and the USA. 

(the Canadian Breeders we recommend are Marked with a RED * ) well as products and associations we use/belong to. 


Devon Rex

*Chagem Devon Rex

Curlydolls Devon Rex

Fernweh Devon Rex

*Tonjankev Devon Rex

Orijen Cat Food

Cat Fanciers Association

Jobara Devon Rex

Nu-Moon Devon Rex

Devon Rex Breed Club

Tx ElfKatz

Devon Rex


Devon Rex

Litter Robot

The International Cat Fanciers Association

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