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Helpful links in your search for a perfect kitten or cat.

There are copious amounts of "breeders" out there, and it can be hard to see past cute pictures and pretty websites.

Harder still to know a breeders history, reputation, or actual experience with the breed.

So if you are looking for a solid reference.... These are breeders whom have proven themselves to have exacting standards, health testing, heart monitoring, active in the breed, national and regional winners(in CFA and TICA). Anyone can -say- that they have top quality cats and act ethically. These breeders - prove it. 

And that is why they are the exclusive list of breeders we trust and endorse. well as products and associations we use/belong to. 

Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Cat Fanciers Association

Fernweh Devon Rex

Nu-Moon Devon Rex

Orijen Cat Food

Jobara Devon Rex

Curlydolls Devon Rex

Devon Rex Breed Club

Tx ElfKatz
Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Litter Robot with a cat in it

Litter Robot

The International Cat Fanciers Association

If you want to know more about what makes a breeder make it to this list, visit out FAQ page under "what to look for in a reputable breeder".  Furthermore: You will never see breeders listed here who have a litter a month(should go without saying that kind of mass production is not in the interest of bettering the breed). You will also never see a kitten broker listed here, nor the risk of any 


**Keep in mind, this type of thing can be nuanced. There could exist(and likely do!) other breeders that also do the things we outline on the FAQ page, but that we don't know well enough to be comfortable recommending them. There could also be breeders who say they do these things but have other red flags that would keep them from this list(for instance a history of poor interactions and behaviour with others in the cat fancy or with  kitten buyers). 

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