What to expect from a PureX Kitten


A PureX Kitten's purchase price includes the following....

Your Kitten


Leaving no earlier that 16 weeks of age. This is an important time for socialization for your kitten, even though they have mostly been physically weaned prior to this point. It also allows time for immunity to develop, and it will absolutely not effect the bonding experience you will have. If you would like to read about this further, please click here) .

Their Spay or Neuter


Done prior to going home, -no exceptions-.

If you would like more information on spay or neuter under 6 months of age for CATS, please click here. It is VERY important to note that cats and dogs are inherently different physiologically and biologically in terms of how they grow and mature.  It is therefor important to research CATS and not dogs when learning about this. 

All  first year vaccinations and deworming


This includes their 3 boosters and three dewormings. Rabies will be given only if the new owner requests it, as it has to be timed correctly with other vaccinations. Additional charge will apply for the vaccine itself. Vaccine records will be provided.



Kitten will be microchipped and microchip information along with tag and numbers will be provided. New owners are listed as contact #1, PureX Devon Rex must be listed as contact # 2

Four Veterinary Exams/Checkups


4 exams with a licensed veterinarian. These are done that the same time as the exams and spay/neuter. 

6 weeks of Pet Insurance with Petsecure


(For Canadian adopters only at this time). Additionally, copies of the medical records from the veterinarian will be included for insurance underwriting purposes.

2 Year Congenital Health Guarantee


We ask that you please read it in detail and feel free to ask if you would like an advance copy. Any questions you may have are welcome!

Lifetime Breeder Support


Every single one of our kittens is part of our extended family, and we will always want to know how they are doing and how you are enjoying them or if you have any questions.

Registration Papers


Kittens will all go home with CFA pedigree papers. If you would like to show your cat in another association, like TICA, CCA or ACFA we can make arrangements for those papers as well.

Take-Home "Kitten Kit"


Some goodies to take home! Starting with a folder for kitten documentation, sometimes coupons and  a blanket or bed and some toys

  1. Lastly, this is not our business. This is our hobby and our passion. We are PROUD of the fact that we do not simply produce as many kittens as possible to fill the demand. We do not have many litters annually as a result.


  3. This means we usually have a waiting list.

  4. (See the kittens page for more information on the wait)If you would like to be considered, please fill out an application.

   We select our cats for temperament, health and conformation to standard alike. We are happy to answer any   questions you may have. Please submit questions through the contact us page.

Beginning in January 2021 Our kittens are 1850 Canadian dollars. 

We do NOT take deposits for our waitlist (see FAQ page for further details), but once a kitten has had its first checkup(typically at or around 8  weeks), and you've met and selected a kitten we require a 750 non-refundable deposit to hold the selected kitten.