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Available Adults

If you are interested in any of the retired cats listed here, please submit an application(see menu)

Panda the slightly less curly Devon Rex


PureX Pandemonium

Panda's Wisdom Panel DNA Results

Born Dec 2019 Silver Classic Tabby and White

CMS and PKD Negative, A(carrying B) Blood Type

Panda is a sweet and dainty girl. She is an F2 outcross(IE: 3/4 Devon Rex. 1/4 American shorthair) but has the curly Devon coat and is accepted as a Devon in all major associations.


Panda provided some much needed genetic diversity to the Devon Rex genepool. However she doesn't have the typical Devon demeanor. She is prone to being a bit nervous. Scared of loud noises and quick movements. This is in part why we chose to pair her with the males we did (who are " in your face" affectionate and outgoing). She would do best in a quiet household. Without the hustle and bustle of a young family. She would also do best as a companion to another cat. She is fine with dogs, provided they are cat savvy and not a chasing risk. She is beautiful and healthy. But will require a home who will allow her to approach them at her own comfort level. She is therefore available for the only cost of her vetting to an approved home. We are not in a hurry to place her and want to make sure it is the right fit. 

She is spayed, microchipped with her yearly combo vaccine up to date. 


If you are interested, please submit an application or if you are a current waitlister or previous adopter, drop me an email. 

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